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Keep Your Vehicle Safe with Recalibration

Recalibration is a must when replacing your windshield. If your car has advanced tech you MUST recalibrate it! When you schedule with Magic Glass you’re getting the industry’s best in recalibration!

Save Hundreds $$$ With A Repair

If your damage is smaller than an inch we can repair your glass and you can save hundreds!

Fleet and Heavy Equipment Services

We are prepared to meet the challenges of heavy equipment, whether you need windshield replacement, glass repair, chip repair, or unique solutions.

Windshield Replacement and Recalibration

Magic Glass offers top-notch Windshield Replacement and Recalibration services to ensure your vehicle’s glass components’ safety, functionality, and clarity.

  • Determining Repairability: Several factors come into play while assessing the repairability of your vehicle’s windshield. Usually, small chips and cracks which are smaller than 1 inch, can mostly be repaired. However, the location, size, and type of crack are crucial in making this decision. Damage within the driver’s line of sight or extending to the windshield’s edges might require replacement rather than repair.
  • Windshield Replacement: We offer Windshield Replacement service when the damage is beyond repair or affects the visibility and structural integrity of the windshield. Our skilled technicians ensure a seamless replacement, only utilizing high-quality materials and advanced techniques to guarantee the perfect fit.
  • Recalibration Expertise: After replacing a windshield, recalibration of the vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is required. Sensors and cameras, which are frequently integrated into the windshield, are used in these systems. Our sophisticated calibration processes will ensure if these safety features work properly.
  • Manufacturer Standards Compliance: We closely adhere to manufacturer guidelines during recalibration. This rigorous procedure guarantees that your vehicle’s safety systems are accurately aligned to the original specifications, ensuring the greatest safety requirement.

Windshield Repair

We provide Chip Repair services to fix minor windshield damage, preserving safety and sight.

  • Repairability Evaluation: So, how do we assess if your chip can be repaired? If the chips are less than a quarter and not in the driver’s direct line of sight, they are generally repairable. The location and type of damage are also essential considerations. Repair is likely achievable if the chip is away from the windshield’s margins and does not impact structural integrity.
  • Precision Repair Method: Our expert technicians use innovative procedures to fix the chips precisely. The process involves cleaning the damaged area, injecting resin, and fixing it to restore the windshield’s strength and clarity.
  • Preventing Additional Damage: Addressing chips as soon as possible is critical to avoid further damage. Chips can easily turn into wider cracks, endangering the windshield’s structural integrity. Chip repair not only restores appearance but also increases the durability of the windshield, avoiding the need for more comprehensive and costly repairs or replacements.

Fleet and Heavy Equipment Services

As your trusted partner for complete Fleet and Heavy Equipment Services, Magic Glass provides specialized solutions for a wide range of vehicles and machines.

  • Expert Solutions for Diverse Fleet:Our Fleet Services are designed for enterprises with a wide range of vehicles. Whether you have a fleet of automobiles, trucks, or customized vehicles, our professional technicians can address your needs. We focus on efficiency and dependability to keep your fleet on the road and operating safely.
  •  Heavy Equipment Knowledge: Magic Glass is one of the leading organizations providing heavy equipment services, with over 40 years of experience. Our trained experts have the expertise to meet your heavy equipment demands quickly and effectively, from bulldozers and excavators to forklifts and other construction machinery.
  •  Chip Repair and Maintenance: It is critical for fleet cars and heavy equipment to treat windshield chipping as soon as possible. Our professionals evaluate the prospect of chip repair by taking into factors such as size, location, and impact on visibility. Repair is generally a practical and cost-effective option if the chip is less than the size of a quarter and isn’t in the driver’s direct line of sight.
  •  Heavy Equipment Windshield Replacement: When chip repair is not an option, our Windshield Replacement service guarantees that heavy equipment maintains maximum visibility and safety. To replace windshields, we use high-quality materials and exact processes that exceed the strict requirements necessary for heavy machinery.

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