When you have a chip or crack in your windshield, you’ll hear a variety of opinions from friends, family, and online “experts.” But it’s easy to be misinformed (and discouraged) about windshield repair and replacement. After all, you don’t need these services very often.

Read on to learn about five common misconceptions about glass repair and replacement and how an expert can help.

1. “Windshield repair or replacement takes a long time.”

Those in need of glass repair and replacement are often under the impression that the process will take an extended amount of time. Actually, repair only takes about 15 to 30 minutes, and a full replacement will only take 45 minutes to two hours. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, you can even drive your vehicle that day.

2. “I have to take my car into the shop.”

We offer glass repair and replacement services at Magic Glass in Lafayette, Indiana.
It’s common that glass repair and replacement companies will require you to bring your car into a shop. At Magic Glass, we’ll come to your home or workplace for repair or replacement services, so you don’t have to take your car anywhere.

3. “It’s always clear when my windshield needs repair versus replacement.”

The internet can be a helpful tool when you’ve experienced windshield damage, but it may point you in the wrong direction. Different types of chips and cracks require different treatment. It can be difficult to tell what damages require repair or replacement. That’s when an expert can help.

4. “A small chip is nothing to worry about.”

We offer glass repair and replacement services at Magic Glass in Lafayette, Indiana.
While a small chip often doesn’t require a full windshield replacement, it’s not something car owners should ignore. Small damage can turn into a large problem later. It weakens your windshield and can cause cracking that will require replacement, rather than a simple repair.

5. “Repair and replacement are out of my budget.”

While glass repair and replacement can cost owners a bit of money, it’s not as expensive as most people think. Most customers find it to be well within their budgets. We’re happy to provide more information after we’ve seen your windshield. Auto insurance may even cover some of the cost, depending on how the damage occurred.

Don’t let common misconceptions prevent you from getting the correct services for your damaged windshield. From a small chip to a large crack, an expert can help.

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