Can I Repair My Chipped Window?

Yes…The total impact area (including cracks) must be smaller than a quarter and if you’ve had less than three chip repairs on your windshield.

Avoid the Worst Case Scenario

Chips can turn into cracks! Repair your windshield now, not later! The sooner you repair a chip, the better chance it has of preventing a crack and saving you money!

What is This Going to Cost?

A chip repair is much cheaper (15% of the average windshield replacement cost) than the cost of full windshield replacement.

Will the Repair Make the Chip Invisible?

Though we are called Magic Glass, a chip repair will not make the damage disappear! You will likely still be able to see the chip. The repair is made with the intention of preventing further damage and saving you from larger headaches and expenses!

What if the Chip Still Cracks After it’s Repaired?

Not all chip repairs are able to save every windshield. Some chips inevitably lead to a cracked windshield. If we did a chip repair for you (non-insurance) that doesn’t hold, the cost of your first chip repair will be taken off of the cost of the replacement glass.

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